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Common Questions and Answers


Q     Do you carry out repairs on Canvas?

A      Unfortunately we no longer carry out repairs to canvas.  Please contact Tent Valeting Services who should be able to assist you further.­ http://­www.­tentva­let­in­gser­vices.­co.­uk/


Q    Will the Air Porch 6 be compatible with my Pullman / Sterling / Fiesta / Countryman model.  Same applies to sliding bed versions of Crusader and Cruiser.

A     This is not compatible due to the dimensions being very different.  We are aware of members of the Pennine Owners Club who have adapted an existing (non Pennine) to fit.  http://­www.­penni­ne­ow­nersclub.­org.­uk/

Q  I am looking for an Awning frame for a Sliding Bed Crusader / Cruiser

A     The current awning frame is not compatible to your model unfortunately.  We would recommend contacting the Conway Owners Club who may be able to assist your further.