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GAS UPDATE 01/03/2024


Calor have now started again with the production of 3.9kg or 4.5kg propane and butane bottles (these are the maximum compatible to our models)

GAS UPDATES 09/05/2023

FLOGAS - Options to connect to the original Truma Regulator fitted to the Camper - Appropriate 'pigtail' adapters below

Option 1 FLOGAS - Butane 


Option 2 FLOGAS - Propane

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Option 3 - Campinggaz

20230509_083823 (2)20230509_083835 (2)Screenshot_20230509_084355_Chrome



Calor Gas Update 10/04/2023

*Serviceable cylinders are those that do not require refurbishment, due to age or damage. Calor is able to keep this stock of cylinders in circulation for the foreseeable future. However, they will be phased out once they reach end of life and will not be replaced by new cylinders of these sizes. Cylinders that are deemed unserviceable will be taken out of circulation. This means that over time, and as the number of cylinders decrease, supplies will be limited for users of these specific sizes.

Q Calor has from 1st February 2023 discontinued the 3.9kg and 4.5kg gas bottles.  What do you suggest as an alternative?

A We would recommend changing to Campingaz 907 as these are readily available.  The 5kg or above is not compatible to our range.


Q  Which position should the distribution panel switch be in for towing / storing / in use?

Distribution Panel


A  The distribution panel fitted to the camper is a very simple device, but confuses many.
Its function and mystery will be explained below!
The panel is the small rectangular one with a voltage needle, and a 3 position rocker switch with a central 'neutral' position, and either side marked 'car' and 'van' .
This panel relates to a battery (if fitted) in the camper. The following instructions relate to the positions the switch should be in for various applications.
1, mains electrics plugged in and all 12v electrics running through the mains box.
The disribution panel needle should be fully energised to the right, and showing maximum.
The car/van switch in now asking a simple question? Which battery would you like your onboard mains to charge?
If no camper battery fitted the switch would be left in the central/ neutral position.
If 'van' is selected, the mains will charge the camper battery whilst you are on mains hookup.
If 'car' is selected, the mains will charge your car battery, this is assuming your car is attached to your camper via either the 13pin lead at the towbar on newer campers, or via the grey 7 pin lead on older campers, and your engine is not running.
2, No mains hookup available.
The disribution panel needle will be showing no no power and fully over to the left.
The car/van switch is now asking you which source of 12v power you would like to use.
If 'van' is selected then the needle should energise and draw power from you camper battery, (if fitted) The level of the needle will indicate the amount of charge your battery has.
If 'car' is selected the camper can draw power from your car battery. To use this function  your car must be connected to your camper via the 13pin lead at the towbar, or the grey 7pin lead on older campers. Again, the level of the needle will indicate the amount of charge in the car battery.
Note: be aware that using your car battery to power you camper electrics could discharge it so that you car might not start , so this function should be only be used with caution.

Finally, we are asked a lot as to what position the switch needs to be in when towing? The answer is in the central 'neutral' setting. 
We hope this solves the mystery of the distribution panel! 

Q  How do i drain the water from the toilet flush system on my Pathfinder / Crusader?


20181119_110913_resized      20181119_110924_resized

A   Locate glass level indicator tube, pull it downwards and out into a suitable container to drain, then replace.


Q     Do you carry out repairs on Canvas?

A      Unfortunately we no longer carry out repairs to canvas.  Please contact Tent Valeting Services who should be able to assist you further.­ http://­www.­tentva­let­in­gser­vices.­co.­uk/

Q   Is there an option to fit a bike rack on a Pennine or Conway Folding Camper

A   Unfortunately this option is no longer available due to weight restrictions / overloading.  We would always recommend using racks mounted on the rear / roof of your car for bikes wherever possible.  This gives you the flexibility to take your bikes with you when you are set up on site but wish to cycle somewhere different.

Q    Will the Air Porch 6 be compatible with my Pullman / Sterling / Fiesta / Countryman model.  Same applies to sliding bed versions of Crusader and Cruiser.

A     This is not compatible due to the dimensions being very different.  We are aware of members of the Pennine Owners Club who have adapted an existing (non Pennine) to fit.  http://­www.­penni­ne­ow­nersclub.­org.­uk/


Q    Will the Air Porch 6 be back in stock soon ?

A     Unfortunately we are not expecting any further stock this year.   We are aware of members of the Pennine Owners Club who have adapted an existing (non Pennine) to fit.  http://­www.­penni­ne­ow­nersclub.­org.­uk/

Q  I am looking for an Awning frame for a Sliding Bed Crusader / Cruiser

A     The current awning frame is not compatible to your model unfortunately.  We would recommend contacting the Conway Owners Club who may be able to assist your further.


l have.a pathfinder with an electric pump to flush the toilet this pump seems to have packed up l have checked the fuse at the box which is ok l have read the instructions and it says to check the pressure switch and fuse in the cassette holder but l cannot find this fuse

To confirm that the fuse that controls the pump is a small 5 amp one that is located approximately 2/3rds down the right hand side wall of the toilet void.  Once the cassette is pulled out a small mirror will assist in identifying it.  If this is found in-tack, the pump could be slightly seized.  You can sometimes tell if this is the case by having the toilet compartment light on and operating the flush switch, the light may dim / flicker as the pump draws power. 

Q I am looking for a replacement Cabin for my model, can you assist ?

A We only stock replacement Synthetic Cabins in the latest colours for Pathfinder / Crusader (Folding Bed type only) Fiesta / Countryman.  For all other models please contact Tent Valeting Services who may be able to assist you further.