Pennine Outdoor Leisure

Company today

Following the launch of the Company in 1977, ongoing development of the product range and the incorporation of numerous innovative design features ensured that Pennine Outdoor Leisure Ltd ultimately gained the reputation of being the foremost manufacturer of folding camper leisure vehicles in the UK.

The determination of Pennine Outdoor Leisure to offer ever increasing standards of quality and comfort resulted in the incorporation of synthetic fabrics to replace canvas for both cabin and awning manufacture. Effective from the 2008 season, this was achieved in conjunction with Isabella of Denmark, a long standing organisation who deservingly enjoyed an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of top quality awnings for the European caravan market. The synthetic project has been immensely successful and the resultant new range of Folding Campers has rapidly gained a loyal following within the leisure vehicle sector.

New Fabric – “Isacryl”

The main benefits of acrylics are as follows:

  • Resistant to fading.
  • Resistant to mildew.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Will not absorb water.
  • Easier to dry out.
  • Maintains internal cabin/awning temperature 3 degrees (celcius) warmer than cotton.

Pennine’s dealers and customers are extremely well supported by an effective accessories and spare parts facility, where a vast range of products may be selected and ordered on-line. A friendly and informative service is also available to persons wishing to telephone our Sales Department direct.

The majority of the Company’s employees are long serving and our multi-skilled workforce is dedicated towards the manufacture of excellent quality leisure vehicles which offer a pleasurable and trouble free ownership experience. Our ongoing programme of design improvements also ensures that our customers will enjoy ever increasing satisfaction from their Pennine or Conway Folding Camper.