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Pennine / Conway Refurbishment & Repair Specialists

  • Servicing Unfortunately we no longer carry out Servicing.­  We woiuld recommend you follow the link below for other options - https://­www.­appro­ved­work­shops.­co.­uk/­find-approved-workshop

Our repair teams are specialists in all types of Pennine/Conway Folding Campers repairs and refurbishments.

As the Manufacters of all new Pennine/Conway Folding Campers our company is fully approved to carry out all types of insurance repairs.

We also carry out all types of refurbishments to your Folding Camper such as replacement side panels/front & rear mouldings/­replacement furnishings.

For further information and to obtain a quotation please contact us with your Model and year of Camper along with details of refurbishment required.

Approximate costing guidelines below:

To Replace

All Models

Fit AKS 1300 Including Lock Box - £500

Replacement Door - £200

Pathfinder / Crusader/ Pullman/ Sterling

Front Moulding - £1995

Rear Moulding - £1995

Side Including Door - £2495

Side excluding Door - £1995

Fiesta / Countryman

Front Moulding - £1995

Side Panel - £1495

Rear Panel including Door - £1495

Many more options available.  Please do not hesitate to ask for further details.

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