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Folding Camper or Caravan??

Reasons to purchase a Folding Camper over a Caravan






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Folding Camper advantages

·        Two fixed Double Beds

·        Sleeps up to 10 (Incl Awning Extension)

·        Compact – Can be stored in a Garage – Less or No Storage Costs

·        More Economical to tow with low fuel costs (upto 50% less)

·        Cheaper Insurance

·        Cheaper Toll Charges on the Roads in Europe

·        Cheaper Service Charges

·        Easier and more stable to tow

·        Can be towed by a car as low as 1.4 litres (less stress on the car)

·        Easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces

·        Cooler in hot weather due to the canvas roof structure

·        Price includes Full Awning unlike a Caravan

·        No requirement for a motor mover (Campers start at 620KG)

·        Includes Heaters, Oven, Toilet, External Shower, fridge etc. All the luxuries of a Caravan as standard.


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