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AquaTex Waterproofing Spray

AquaTex Waterproofing Spray

Aqua Tex Waterproofing Spray

Part number: AC.WP-X-2010
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Suitable for use on Synthetic or Canvas products

If the waterproofing quality of the canvas has been affected, the damage can usually be rectified by using "AquaTex" impregnator spray. The cabin/ awning must be thoroughly dry and clean before application. "AquaTex" will not function on dirt; therefore, the canvas should be sprayed on the inside of the awning. If there are any leaks in the material, "AquaTex" will penetrate and be effective on the outside as well. If the material is very dry, you may notice some discolouration on the outside. To regularise the colour, simply spray on the outside as well. DON'T FORGET it is most important to clean the cabin / awning inside and out BEFORE impregnation as any deposits on the material will negate the properties of the "AquaTex". For example, nicotine from cigarettes will affect the material and the waterproofing. It is a good idea to have a can of "AquaTex" handy at all times as it has a wide variety of uses besides impregnating your cabin/awning. For instance "AquaTex" can also be used on stiff zips, removal of stains and, even impregnating your shoes or boots.

AquaTex colourless waterproofer for cabins / awnings

Suitable for all types of canvas. Instructions: The fabric to be treated should be free of dirt, grease and grime. If necessary, wash with warm water. On no account should soap powder or detergent be used. The material should be thoroughly dry before proofing. Apply evenly with a brush or aerosol, holding can a minimum of 18cm from material. When proofing awnings or similar items, do not fold and do not allow to come into contact with rain or dew until completely dry. This will be approximately 1 1/2 hrs. at 20°C. Does not contain chlorine. Withstands frost. Keep the product tightly closed and store in a cool place.


  • Caution: Flammable.
  • Dangerous: Avoid deliberate inhalation.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use only as directed.


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