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Fiesta 2017 Model RRP £12,995

Fiesta 2017 Model RRP £12,995

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£12995.00 inc. VAT
£15594.00 inc. VAT



A small 10% deposit  will secure your new 2017 model for this Season if ordered soon

Please contact us or your local Retailer for further details and available special offers.

Including Full Awning and ex-works delivery.

The Pennine Fiesta  makes a welcome return!  Provides caravan style luxury with sleeping for 4, an eye catching new exterior and tastefully co-ordinated interior furnishings and fittings.

The new warm muted colours, breathable Isacryl material, large windows and numerous opening and ventilation options make it an oasis of comfort. The mosquito net windows in both bed ends offer plenty of scope for ventilation on hot days.

The main benefits of acrylics are as follows:

  • Resistant to fading.
  • Resistant to mildew.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Will not absorb water.
  • Easier to dry out.
  • Maintains internal cabin/awning temperature 3 degrees (celcius) warmer than cotton.

Please click on the specification link below for further details.

Optional Extras

  • Awning Extension (Small)
  • Awning Extension Inner Tent
  • Awning Extension Dividing Wall
  • Fiesta Bed Skirts
  • Outdoor Storage Cover (Small)
  • Synthetic Starter Pack

Fiesta Assembly Sequence

Fiesta Assembly Sequence to read Four Berth Assembly Sequence.

Specification sheet


Fiesta Q2+2

Overall length
Overall width
Internal length
Internal width
Towing height

Campsite length
Campsite width
Interior height
Bed Size 1
Bed Size 2
Optional awning width
Optional awning depth

Ex works weight
Carry capacity
Gross weight

Internal Lighting Standard
AKS1300 Stabiliser N/A
AKS1300 Lock
Alloy Wheels
Three Way Refrigator
Battery Box
Bound Edge Carpet
Cassette Toilet
External 240v Socket
External BBQ Point
External Shower
Hand Basin
Integral Heating
Mains Electric System
Scatter Cushions
Shelf Unit
Spare Wheel & Carrier
TV Aerial Point
Water Heater (Mains Only)



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Rating: 5.0
29th July 2016, 16:26:52
Stephen Smith
We purchased our Fiesta in 2015 but did not use it until 2016.
I always uses to take our 3 boys camping but the wife never joined us preferring to go on breaks in hotels!
Anyway after 40 years of marriage we somehow adopted a dog in Turkey which had been abandoned outside of our villa. Brought the dog back to the UK but because we go back and live there for 6 months of the year decided a camper van was the way to go! Great needed to sell the house to buy one, caravan? can't have them on my drive and don't want to pay storage. Somebody mentioned a FC so off we went to the dealers. My wife fell in love with the fiesta 2 plus 2, the red line was the toilet inside.
Anyway April 2016 off we went on our road trip to Turkey. Rained in France, but camper went up with little effort ( I had practiced on the drive at home! ) In to Italy via Mont Blanc Tunnel and camped in the shadow of Mont Blanc, there was about a metre of cleared snow. Heater in the fiesta was brilliant, left it on all night, dog was really happy. Really strong winds and although the wife was so worried the camper was brilliant. In the morning the site owner asked had we been warm enough, did not like to confess we had been running the heater all night! We just had a sheet and duvet on the bed ( we wanted a fixed bed and could not stand the thought of making one up every night). We were really warm and comfortable. My one criticism is that there was condensation under the mattress, not helped by the plastic sheets which are stored under the mattress for wet pack ups. I have read others have had this problem, to be fair the temperature was in the minus and to pack up the next morning we had to clear frozen rain off one side of the camper!
The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful in terms of camping. It towed like a dream and I didn't really know it was there, apart from my reversing, which leaves a lot to be desired, I can't blame the fiesta for that! The indoor toilet was a blessing in the cold and rain.
I was so impressed with the engineering.
After spending 4 months in Turkey we made the trip home and finally put the awning up because we were staying in various places because the weather in June was that much better. The awning went up easily, I had warned my wife they were called a "divorce in a bag" but once we sorted everything out we had no problem. What a pleasure to sit in the awning with the table out there, seal of approval from the dog sleeping peacefully.
I guess the biggest compliment I can pay the Fiesta is the fact that my wife, who had never camped in her life and always said it was not for her, has told everybody she wished she had done it years ago.
This is so comfortable and easy to live with. I am a retired Chartered Surveyor and not easily pleased (!) apart from the condensation problem under the mattress ( other people have commented on this on various forums) I love the camper and can't wait to set off again on our next road trip to Turkey in September 2016.

19th August 2014, 15:54:13
We love our camper and can't wait till the next time we can use it. We couldn't tow a caravan as they are just to big for our car and we couldn't afford to buy both. i feel to old to be sleeping on the floor in a tent. We find the bed a little uncomfortable, and are looking to replace it with a better mattress.
As we were away for two weeks this time we added under storage which gave the boys a space to chill if they needed or a spare bed for anyone who wanted it. the other side we stored the bags etc. the awning is a fab size and so easy to put up, as is the whole thing. I'm only short and i struggle to get the awning off the body on my own (luckily i don't have to ) i love the whole design and i love the fact we can get a toilet in it as well. the heater is amazing and kept us warm at easter when the days were hot but the nights were SO cold. my only niggle is that you have to open the whole thing up to put the fridge on and pack it, but on the whole i love it and would recommend it to any one. My husband says its so easy to tow.

28th May 2014, 18:27:18
Roger Porthouse
Having been fans of my in-law’s Fiesta, (bought in 1990 and still going strong), it was only a matter of time before we took the plunge ourselves and upgraded to a trailer tent.
We bought this because our 4 kids have mostly got bored of coming away with us and the plan was to have a little bit of luxury for ourselves whilst still enjoying the great outdoors. However, the younger two kids suddenly decided they were not too old to come away with us if a) Dad was paying and b) they could sleep in the new Fiesta . Thanks to the clever and subtle ways they have changed the layout on this model, you now have oodles of space inside, even with two extra bodies on board.
To say we are impressed with this folding camper would be an understatement. The fixtures and fittings are all top-notch and, if the in-law’s Fiesta is anything to go by, built to last.
As you enter the main cabin you are struck immediately by the large space between the two sofas. This is because the left hand sofa has been moved back and is formed from part of the second bed. This really makes a difference inside as you can have the table up and still have room to walk around it. One of the clever innovations, here, is the slots under the right hand seat unit, allowing the table to be pushed right up snug to the sofa gaining even more space in the cabin.
The three burner hob and kitchen unit are all pre-installed so there’s no need to lift them in and out of position and connect fiddly cables as there was with some of the older models. The hob has a perfectly good grill, albeit slightly compact and the sink, whilst small, is fine for a spot of washing up with the hot running water, as long as you don’t let the pile get too high. For bigger meals we filled a spare washing up bowl and made our way to the washing facilities on site but certainly for two, it’s no trouble at all.
Both the sink and the hob have fold down glass screens which double up as work surfaces but due to the added luxury of the toilet in this model, workspace is always at a premium. However, because there is extra space in the cabin, if the kitchen unit is already clogged, you can now have the table up and still have space for food prep whilst the kids stare blindly at their iPods on the other sofa.
The fridge is compact but has enough space for beer and wine – and possibly a few food essentials (it’s all about priorities). It also has an ice-box which freeze the ice packs just fine to go in the cool-bag. (The fridge also runs off gas if you don’t have an electric hook-up).
The loo is definitely a key benefit of the Fiesta Q2+2, especially in the middle of the night when the rain is hammering down outside. Given that the Fiesta is the same size as the Pennine Countryman, it’s amazing they’ve managed to fit the loo in here at all, let alone without you feeling cramped. Very clever design.
Storage space is fine for all the essentials you want to take on camp and if there are just two of you, you don’t have to worry at all about your clothes as you can either use the spare bed for your bags or put them behind the pop-up sofa, if you have it in that configuration. There is a narrow foot locker that provides some space and there is also storage space under the right hand sofa that is not insignificant. Under the cooker is a little limited because that’s where the hot water heater resides but you still have space for a couple of pots and pans but not a lot more. However there are two further cupboards flanking the entrance and we find these useful for plates and glasses and the like as well as a drawer for magazines and maps and other clutter that always seems to accumulate in a drawer!
If there are more than two, though, and you don’t want to put up the cavernous awning, we have found the under-bed skirts that zip on to the fold out sections of the tent to be excellent (and huge) extended storage space. We have invested in a couple of tough plastic crates with lids and we keep non perishable foods or the BBQ or whatever else we need out there. Kids clothes – as long as they are bagged – fit easily under there too, freeing up more space in the tent or the awning.
As far as electrics go, it comes with two normal 13 amp sockets at either end of the tent for those camping essentials of Kettle and Hair-dryer (I am reliably informed the latter really is essential). It also has two 9 volt sockets – like the cigarette lighter sockets you get on cars – which are useful for phone chargers and other gadgets. (These also provide the power when running off the leisure battery if hook-up isn’t available). The 2Kw heater underneath the main seat really packs a punch and you won’t need it on for long in that space. There is also a nice bright light up on the kitchen unit that lights the main cabin as well as a small light at floor level, which is nice when you want something a bit more subtle. We tend to take a small 4-way extension block to give us a few more sockets and plug that in down by the door. We also take a couple more plug in lights, just to make it easier reading in bed or at the far end of the tent. Putting the tent up and down is a piece of cake. You can easily put this tent up on your own but with two of you, it takes about 15-20 mins from pulling up at your pitch to having the kettle on for a brew. A little longer if you are putting the awning up. Packing away again is just as simple and there is a lot of space inside the packed up trailer that you can use to store bags and the like, freeing up more space in the car.
The trailer tent comes with an integral heater that really pumps out the heat and the new acrylic fabric and inner tent sections really do wonders to keep the temperature up on a cold night. On top of that is the bound carpet under your toes and excellent quality sofa’s and beds that really make this a home from home. “Cosy” just doesn’t do it justice. If it’s hot and sunny, though, you can take the whole side off the back of the trailer tent and let the sunshine in! Marvellous!
The only downer we have found is that if you are running on gas (and therefore boiling water on the stove), you do get some condensation on the inside of the tent at that end. You must remember to pull the plastic weather screen down from the window otherwise you will need to wipe this down if you haven’t had your tent open much. In hotter months, this won’t be a problem but those early breaks or last-gasp getaways in the autumn will need a little more diligence from you at the stove.
Towing is an emotive subject. Some people just don’t like doing it. Well let me put your mind at rest; towing this baby is a synch! You even tend to forget it’s there. The trailer is about as wide as the average saloon car – and certainly within the profile of your wing mirrors. On country lanes and motorways, it handles smoothly with no snaking, even at speed. I have mirror extensions but you could see round the trailer without them.
It really is an excellent little trailer tent and with a bit of love and care and the excellent support on hand from Pennine, should see us through the next twenty years quite nicely!

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